Ranta Ruumis

The Baltic Sea contains 21,721 cubic kilometres of water. The tides are minimal; they fluctuate approximately 3 – 4 centimetres with each cycle. The water has a salinity content of 0.7%. My body weighs 58.3 kilograms. It contains approximately 32.065 litres of water. It has 233 grams of salts. When fully submerged, my body displaces 59.19 litres of water. 59.19 litres of the Baltic Sea occupies a different space because of the presence of my body. 0.000000000000272% of the Baltic Sea is shifted. The tide line is altered, but remains imperceptible.

Ranta Ruumis draws on experiences from a recent artist’s residency in the Finnish archipelago in the Baltic Sea. Imam uses photography, video and sculptural installation to investigate the borders and boundaries of the islands and the relationships they have to those of the body. Utilising her body as a point of interaction with the landscape, Imam participates in a dialogue between her body and the islands in order to develop a relationship with the archipelago as both a place and an organic body [of land] where flux and change occurs.

Many thanks to Archipelago Art Residency Korpo (AARK) for the tremendous support provided during the residency program.